Some stuff that has happened:

- the last full week of January was full of appointments, including a trip to Sick Kids to meet with the Nephrology team and some testing for Declan to determine what's up with his kidneys and the cysts.

- when I went in to find out WTF was up with my knee (possible patellofemoral syndrome, which is only 'cured' by eight weeks of physio), got the results of my blood work. It came back normal. You should really see my surprise face on that one. *rolls eyes* The urine test did come back positive for protein (joy) but it's not enough to be worrying. At least it's an easy test to repeat.

- Declan had no protein in his urine and his blood work came back as normal. So there is that.

- having your knee x-rayed is weird. The positions you have to keep it in is very unnatural. The highlight of the entire process? Connecting with another mother who was there with her son. We both agreed that shame was something for other people, especially after you've had someone fondling your cervix with others watching. Yay, childbirth.

- tried to call my shiny new(ish) psychiatrist, since I'm running low on meds. Hahahahaha, no. Apparently, I had a consultancy appointment, and don't actually have a psychiatrist. Cue lots of swearing and gnashing of teeth. Fine, thinks I, it's back to the doc for my meds and make the appointment, which is for this Friday.

- my games continue to truck along. I am finding that Thorn's voice is nearly silent in my head, but Amy's has gotten very loud. You'll have your time to shine, darlin'. But it's not yet.

- I am currently bashing my head against getting a data recovery program to actually work. It's my fault that the information is lost, but it shouldn't be THIS hard to get it back. I am frustrated and about this close to pitching my computer off the roof.

- small victory: picked up Declan from school AND took out the recycling without falling on my ass. It's been raining since this afternoon and freezing, so not slipping and sliding is worth noting.


Oct. 28th, 2005 12:19 am
valkryor: (Choo Choo)
I am so smart. S-M-R-T! :P

Well, it's done. I have tamed the beast that is my inlaws' computer. Between a spelling mistake (probably my fault...even if it wasn't, I'll take the blame for it), the wrong POP3 server (sympatico is so odd that way) and ZoneAlarm deciding to do what it wanted (and not letting anyone change it back), it was quite the mess.

After some uninstalling (bye bye, wonky ZoneAlarm), some cleaning of unwanted files/registry items, a scan for spyware, installing a new firewall (they have DSL light and need one), finding and fixing the spelling mistake (and putting in the correct mail server) and after multiple reboots, some quick tutorials and a few other odds and sods the email works again.


Now, hopefully, I won't have to spend another two hours in future fixing the same bloody problem.

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Oct. 25th, 2005 06:28 pm
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Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Every year I tell myself that I'm not going to go nuts on my Hallowe'en costume and spend hours upon hours sewing the damned thing only to get a couple of hours use out of it, and every year, I seem to fall into that trap.

This year, I'm sorry to say, has been no exception. When I found the crinoline/slip at Value Village, I thought, great, I'll just add this with something else and I'll be done. No dice. It was waaaay too small, meaning I would have to build another half then attach it. Building it, so far, hasn't been heinous, just time consuming.

I found out, not ten minutes ago, that when I finally put in the diamond netting to make the new front half poof out as much as the back, the top won't fit right. I have neither time nor money to make a suitable top, so I'm kinda stuck. I now have to tear apart the new front from the back, take the outside panel and the inside panel apart, then sew the two panels together in a skirt like fashion and then finish it (hemming, elasticized waist). This means that the one I found at Value Village is only good for scraps, really (or, if I can sew the seams back together, someone else might get some use out of it).

But I can't work on my costume tonight, because my in-laws' computer doesn't work. Again.


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Apr. 27th, 2005 05:17 pm
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Today was...

Well, it just was. First was the follow up visit at GRH with the pediactrician. Then it was bloodwork...20 minutes for supposedly trained people to figure out that a toe poke is the most effective way to get that blood. Twenty minutes of Shannon screaming until she's retching, because she doesn't like it at all, especially when she's already had a needle in her arm and then in her foot without a good venal draw. Yes, folks. That's incompetence at it's finest.

After that, it was off to Guelph to fix the inlaws computer. Last weekend, we were there on Saturday, getting them off dial up and set up with a DSL Basic Lite connection. Monday, a call comes from my father-in-law that the system's buggered already! Turns out he was looking for a game that he used to play and ended up clicking on a popup on a site that he shouldn't have been on.

Stupid spyware.

It took AdAware and SpySweeper to get rid of the malware and set things back to right. I found the proper site with that game for him in less than a minute and bookmarked it so he wouldn't have to look for it again. I also made sure that all of the game sites bookmarked worked and were clean sites. I don't want to have to do that again.

And I really really love the rootbeer flavoured Bottle Caps. They made today a little better.

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