Aug. 24th, 2017

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Aug. 24th, 2017 09:34 am
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Sunny has settled in nicely. He and Sheldon aren't quite snuggling up to each other yet, but the games of chase have started. :)

Sunny is...a kitten. He goes and goes and goes and goes and then just stops. After his nap (sometimes as short as five minutes), he goes some more. He loves the windows and watching outside, which is as close as he is going to get to the great outdoors. He's not terribly cuddly and is not a fan of being picked up, but he loves attention and will purr when you pet him. He does, though, like curling up NEXT to you and sleeps in the bed with us at night.

He's also a bit of a scavenger and will go after unattended people food, eating what he likes to eat; I think that's more a reflection of his life Before he was rescued than being born with a taste for macaroni and cheese. He is also the noisiest water-drinker I have ever known. It's like everything he does, he does with the utmost enthusiasm and vigour.

When I'm doing the dishes, he has to be with me. Sunny winds around my legs, attacks the cupboard door pulls, and is generally adorable so that I will pay attention to him and not the puffy water in the sink. I talk to him, but the dishes get done and then it's play time for a bit and maybe a snuggle. Most of the time, though, it's play. Because kitten.

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